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The Speedy Dish

Bean and Cheese Burritos

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Bean, rice and cheddar cheese burritos rolled in patty pan's famous tortilla.  Extra delicious topped with your favorite salsa, sour cream & cilantro.  We are proud to support this worker-owned business that grew out of Seattle's farmers markets.  

Servings: 2 burritos

Burritos will arrive frozen to retain quality.  Store frozen & cook according to package instructions, or thaw in fridge overnight & cut cooking times in half (our recommended option).  Enjoy within 3 days once thawed.  

Heating (from frozen): Wrap burritos in a wet paper towel and microwave for 2.5 - 3 min on high, or wrap in foil and heat in an oven for ~30 min at 375 degrees, until hot in the center.  

Contains: wheat, milk