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Where is The Speedy Dish based?

We're a Seattle-area business. When not in their Mercer Island production kitchen, Erin works from her home office in Queen Anne & Michaela from her home test kitchen in Ballard.  

What is the delivery fee?

Delivery is free for orders of $75 or more. For smaller orders, we charge $5 for delivery.  

When is the order deadline & when will my order be delivered?

For orders placed by Wed at midnight, we will deliver the following Tuesday (i.e., 6 days later). During that time, we'll be ordering fresh ingredients & making your meals to order.  

What are you Covid precautions?

We go above and beyond to follow CDC guidelines.  If one of us were exposed or positive, we would most likely need to halt production and deliveries until in the clear (since, ya know, our team is super tiny).  While our fingers are crossed this won’t happen (knock on wood!!), we ask for your understanding in advance.

How many servings are your meals?

Most of our meals are 2 servings. Just click on the product details to confirm. If you're feeding a larger group, order multiple meals and follow the same preparation instructions.  

What should I do with the packaging?

Please leave your ice packs & bags on your porch and we'll pick them up with your next delivery.  

How is The Speedy Dish related to Homegrown?

The Homegrown chef branched out to start The Speedy Dish because she saw the opportunity to provide high-quality meals that can be made quickly.