How it All Began...


Welcome to our blog, What's Cooking at TSD!  This is where I'll share tips, tricks, quick recipes using ingredients you can find at TSD, and of course plenty of behind-the-scenes tidbits.  Check back frequently, and of course, please let us know if you have any feedback, questions, life advice, etc.  We love getting emails (  Also, check us out on IG @thespeedydish and take lots of photos of your TSD meals and tag them with @thespeedydish so we can see all the delicious stuff you're cooking and eating!

Now, a little background on how we (The Speedy Dish aka TSD) came about.  Erin (my co-founder) and I worked together at Homegrown for over 4 years, spearheading the product team (she was VP of Product and Marketing, I was Executive Chef).  What a gem of a job!  We designed delicious ooey gooey sandwiches, veggie-ful grain bowls, and - my personal favorites - breakfast sandwiches definitely worth waking up for, we spent summer afternoons with our coworkers harvesting sungold tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers on our partner farm Ecolibrium up in Woodinville, all the while trying our best to change the quick serve food landscape for the better.  Everything compostable!  Small local producers!  Our own little plot of land to grow produce!  Ahh, it was a glorious 4 years.

Then....2020.  Covid.  My husband and I had just welcomed our second son, and 3 weeks later - BOOM - everything shut down.  After my maternity leave, I started back to work, and I'll spare you the details but between the craziness of work, having two littles, and the uncertainty and monotony of Covid, I realized that I just couldn't do it all anymore.  Here I am, an Executive Chef who moves at the speed of a hummingbird and spent years toiling in high pressure NYC restaurants, and I was struggling to get dinner on the table for my husband and 2 kids.  The shame!  And my all-time favorite activity - grocery shopping - had turned into a total nightmare - masks! sanitizing everything!  keeping my toddler from licking the cart! (IYKYK).  If I was struggling to handle all of this, I was sure I wasn't alone. 

As fate would have it, Erin's big brain (she's wicked smart) had been churning and analyzing, and suggested she and I team up to figure out what the need was and how we could solve it.  We decided to come up with what we call "meal solutions" for busy folks (that we too could benefit from!).  Erin hit the pavement (and keyboard) interviewing potential customers about what they were looking for, building massive spreadsheets, and analyzing loads of data, while I hit the kitchen developing recipes, talking to purveyors, and tasting potential products.  

Which brings us to today. You're probably all too familiar with the scene - you get home from work, you've got hungry whiny kids (or you don't, it's all the same), you may or may not have fresh food in the fridge, the clock is a-ticking towards hangry meltdown hour.  TSD to the rescue!  We're at your door with 20 minute meal kits, ready-to-eat breakfast and lunch options, and pop-in-the-oven meal solutions.  We are peace of mind in a box.  Stuff adults love and - bonus! - your kids will eat (and easy heat-and-eat options in case they're picky).

My all too honest taste testers who judge every recipe I put on the site:






So, that was the much abbreviated version of how we came about.  The general gist?  We're two busy moms who love good food but realize how challenging dinner (or breakfast and lunch, for that matter) can be when you're working and parenting and laundry folding and dog tending and sanitizing and social distancing and all you want and need is a fast and easy way to a mostly home-cooked meal.  We hope we can make your lives just a little bit easier because life is tough and we all need a break.  We've got you.

XOXO The Speedy Dish